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Hangzhou City Information

Hangzhou Nightlife

After daytime excursions to lakes and mountains in Hangzhou, you should go to the lakeside to enjoy the music fountain, the tea house to have a cup of tea and appreciate the night view of Hangzhou. The night scenery totally different from that in the daytime.Night ShowImpression West lakeThe show of...

Hangzhou Dining

Hangzhou dishes are best representative of Zhejiang cuisine, which is one of the eight representative local cuisines of China. Hangzhou dishes are noted for its elaborate preparations, sophisticated way of cooking and its most refreshing taste. It is not only delicious, but extremely elegant in appe...

Hangzhou Culture

Hangzhou has a brilliant and profound culture. Ever since the late Neolithic Period, the area has seen unique and colorful Liangzhu culture, Wuyue culture, Southern Song Culture and Ming-Qing culture, which formed a complete series of cultural development, making an important contribution to China&#...

Hangzhou Travel Tips

When is the best time to travel Hangzhou?Spring, Summer and Autumn are good travel time in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is located in subtropics monsoon climate region and enjoys year-round pleasant weather.Spring (Mar-May) spreads generous sunshine. It is the blossom and tea-picking time and thus is the trav...

Hangzhou Transportation

AirHangzhou is served by the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which provides direct service to many international destinations such as Germany, Thailand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Singapore, and the Netherlands.Regional routes reach Hong Kong, Taiwan and Ma...

Hangzhou Weather

Hangzhou is located in northern Zhejiang province, eastern China, at the southern end of the Grand Canal of China, on the plain of the mid-lower reaches of the Yangtze River (Cháng Jiang). The prefecture-level region of Hangzhou extends west to the border with the hilly-country Anhui Province, and e...

Hangzhou Fact

Hangzhou (Chinese: ??; Mandarin pinyin: Hángzhou), formerly transliterated as Hangchow, is the capital and largest city of Zhejiang Province in Eastern China. Governed as a sub-provincial city, and as of 2010, its entire administrative division ("shì", ???) or prefecture had a registered population ...

Hangzhou History

Early historyhe celebrated Neolithic culture of Hemudu inhabited Yuyao, an area (now a city) 100 kilometers south-east of Hangzhou, as far back as seven thousand years ago when rice was first cultivated in southeastern China. The area immediately surrounding the modern city of Hangzhou was inhabited...

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